Comprehensive Initial Consultation
During your initial appointment, we will review your current health, your diet and lifestyle, and where nutritional issues may lie based on thorough dietary evaluation (and recent lab results, if applicable).  Together, we determine what you would like to achieve, estimate the frequency of your visits and discuss an action plan. Then, I create an individual plan based on specific goals that works at your pace and complements your lifestyle. 

A check-in to discuss what’s working... or not. We will tweak your plan to move you closer to your long term goals. 

Pantry Purge*
Want to know if what you have in your pantry and fridge is good for you? Let’s explore your pantry and get rid of foods that do not support your health. We will discuss nourishing options as replacements, clues to look for on nutrition labels to key you into the food's nutrient content, suggestions for reorganizing kitchen cabinets to help keep you on track, and more.

Grocery Store Session*
Feeling overwhelmed by the variety at the grocery store? Let me take the guesswork out of shopping for healthy foods and empower you with information to make informed decisions.  

Each tour is personalized, but some of the things we might cover could include:
-Where you should begin your shopping (which aisles) and why
-Healthier options within each food category: e.g. which breads are better and why
-Top 10 food items that we should eat organic and why
-How to read labels on packaged foods
-What do some of the ingredients in packaged foods really mean (e.g. “spices”, "natural flavors")
-What do the health claims on packages mean (“all natural”, “organic”, “Non-GMO”, "cage free" etc.)
-Alternatives to artificial sweeteners 
-Which oils are better for cooking and which ones for dressing salads
-Butter or margarine? White bread or whole grains? Table salt or pink salt? NutraSweet or Stevia?

These questions and many more will be answered during an interactive 1-hour tour of Central Market (Ft Worth) or Whole Foods (Dallas and Arlington)

Culinary Exploration Session*
Does cooking intimidate you?  Curious how to use chia seeds? Want to learn how to make a raw vegan chocolate pudding?  From basic knife skills to making gluten-free oven "fried" chicken,  let me help you feel more comfortable cooking healthy meals in YOUR kitchen. This session is not only for beginners. We will discuss ahead of time what your goals are for the session and I will create a menu we will prepare together. I can also modify your family's favorite recipes to make them not only delicious but nutritious (and food sensitivity friendly, for your gluten-free, diary-free, egg-free, soy-free, or nut-free family members)!  


*These sessions may be booked together for a discount. Please inquire.  

**Consultations can be in person or via skype.


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